One Week Figma Prototype

Learn how to build high-fidelity clickable prototypes in Figma in a week. Self-paced and no prior experience required.

Access Course

One week from start to finish.

The most efficient and effective way to level up your product design skills

Two hands-on projects.

Learn the fundamentals of Figma and build a prototype of your choice

Expert instructional content.

Curated by Jeff Fan, former Head of Design at Ubiquity 6. Jeff also designed for Ro, Poshly, and Ironclad

Made for non-designers.

Rapidly convert your product ideas into interactive prototypes

A community of learners.

Ask for tips and share your work on our Slack workspace
I’m still amazed by how much I learned in one week and how confident I became using Figma. By the end of the course, I felt super proud of my final prototype and my new skills!
Daniela Balaguera
Computer Science
Undergraduate Student
This class is all about rollin' up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty, all while being supported by a wonderful community. Highly recommend to anyone interested in learning design or brushing up on their skills. 10 out of 10, would take again!
Matt Lock
Entrepreneur in Residence
Really enjoyed how it's async so you can work at your own pace while still having a peer group. The materials are well thought out and the entire experience was very expertly crafted from beginning to end.
Arundhati Dutta
Product Lead
Uber for Dogs
You will learn the fundamentals of Figma by building a prototype of an ultra-hyped (fictitious) app for dog lovers called Shiba, the Uber for Dogs. You’ll receive detailed video instructions that will teach you components, auto layout, color/text styles, interactions, grid systems, and more.
Build Your Own Prototype
This is the perfect chance to bring your product ideas to life. If you don't have a product idea, we'll provide a default. Leverage our library of common design patterns, free UI kits, icons, and advanced tutorials in Figma.
Share in the glory of crossing the finish line with your peers! Students can optionally share a video demo of their projects and get feedback.
Jeff Fan
OWFP Instructor
Jeff has worked at the intersection of product design and brand identity for the past 10 years. He’s built and led design teams at multiple hypergrowth startups, started his own design agency, and designed over 20 digital products. Today, he is the founder of Sans: Websites that Design Themselves.
Eric Liu
OWFP Instructor
Eric is a Stanford GSB graduate, a YC-alum, a fintech investor, and a receipient of Forbes 30 Under 30 for his non-profit work in data science. In his journey to teach himself design, he realized how few practical project-based courses there were on product design. He started One Week Figma Prototype to lower the barriers of design education.

One Week Figma Prototype

Access Course
Build two prototypes in Figma
No prior experience required
Curated by design experts
01 / 06

The course is self paced though we recommend that you finish it in a week to maximize your learning. Expect to spend 10 hours on the course.

02 / 06

No, the course is entirely self-paced with no live sessions. We have a Slack community so you can ask questions and share your work asynchronously.

03 / 06

You will not need to pay for any tools or materials beforehand. We will be using the free versions of Slack, Figma, and Notion.

04 / 06

We designed the experience to be a comprehensive balance between foundational knowledge and real world experience. You will learn the core frameworks behind prototyping in Figma, tips and tricks to design rapidly, and how to apply those learnings to your own prototype design. You will also be exposed to real examples of prototypes from professional designers and your peers.

05 / 06

One Week Figma Prototype is an intensive course. You will get your hand dirty and face challenging problems to solve. Our most successful students seek advice from peers, review the resources we provide, and leverage their own ingenuity.

06 / 06

Jeff Fan, Eric Liu, and Kevin Huang are the creators of Sans School. Our mission is to deliver exceptional learning experiences that redefine what it means to take courses online.